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Unzip and run as admin (.cmd) or double click to add to the registry (.reg).
Always inspect files in a text editor to make sure these are correct for YOUR computer.
Do not blindly use if you don't know what you are doing or what these files are for.
Restores the 'preview' context pop-up menu item for image filetypes.
This feature was removed via a Windows 10 Update for unknonwn reasons.
Nuke those pesky 'UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10 NOW' prompts.
Will also kill automatic silent upgrading to Windows 10.
Fix a HORRIBLE long standing Windows 10 bug.
This bug marks necessary folders, such as 'My Documents', as read only.
May not work on all machines but it has worked on every machine tried so far.
This bug has been a 'feature' of Windows 10 since it was released.
A simple utility to reset networking.
Use when the network seems slow or otherwise funky.