Todd Rundgren's Utopia

Penn's Peak—April 18, 2018—Jim Thorp, Pennsylvania

Almost The Full Concert (missing the encore)

Bergen Performing Arts Center—April 20, 2018—Englewood, NJ

The Full Concert

Songlist for Both Shows

Set One
  1. Utopia Theme
  2. Ikon
  3. Another Life
  4. Freedom Fighters
  5. Do Ya (The Move cover)
  6. The Wheel
  7. Back on the Street
  8. Something's Coming (Leonard Bernstein cover)
  9. Monument
  10. Communion With the Sun
  11. Last of the New Wave Riders
Set Two
  1. The Road to Utopia
  2. Play This Game
  3. Swing to the Right
  4. Trapped
  5. Set Me Free
  6. Love in Action
  7. Hammer in My Heart
  8. Princess of the Universe
  9. I Will Wait
  10. Rock Love
  11. Love Is the Answer
  12. One World

  13. Encore: Just One Victory (Todd Rundgren song)

Wollman Rink—August 25, 1975—Central Park, New York City

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 1
100:00:00:0000:01:40:5700:01:40:57Star Spangled Banner
300:14:40:3600:15:10:7100:00:30:35(Between Song Banter)
400:15:10:7100:20:43:5900:05:32:63Sunset Blvd
500:20:43:5900:26:44:4400:06:00:60Don't You Ever Learn?
600:26:44:4400:28:40:6000:01:56:16(Between Song Banter)
700:28:40:6000:37:20:3500:08:39:50The Seven Rays
800:37:20:3500:38:02:1900:00:41:59(Between Song Banter)
900:38:02:1900:42:07:3600:04:05:17Freedom Fighters
1000:42:07:3600:43:02:3700:00:55:01(Between Song Banter)
1100:43:02:3700:50:56:0000:07:53:38Another Life
Part 2
100:00:00:0000:01:02:7100:01:02:71(Between Song Banter)
200:01:02:7100:08:09:3800:07:06:42The Wheel
300:08:09:3800:12:14:1000:04:04:47Real Man
400:12:14:1000:15:05:5500:02:51:45Born to Synthesize
500:15:05:5500:18:50:2900:03:44:49Death of Rock and Roll
600:18:50:2900:23:54:5400:05:04:25Eastern Intrigue
800:30:24:3000:39:38:3800:09:14:08Fair Warning
Part 3
100:00:00:0000:00:40:2900:00:40:29Vegas Medley (Intro)
200:00:40:2900:02:53:1000:02:12:56Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
300:02:53:1000:04:36:6000:01:43:50A Dream Goes On Forever
400:04:36:6000:06:32:3100:01:55:46Hello It's Me
500:06:32:3100:08:51:4600:02:19:15I Saw the Light
600:08:51:4600:09:55:2600:01:03:55Vegas Medley (Outro)
700:09:55:2600:12:44:4000:02:49:14Technological Blues
800:12:44:4000:22:18:0800:09:33:43Mr. Triscuits
900:22:18:0800:25:12:0600:02:53:73Something's Coming
1000:25:12:0600:29:42:5800:04:30:52Heavy Metal Kids
1100:29:42:5800:34:15:6300:04:33:05Open My Eyes
1200:34:15:6300:37:39:7300:03:24:10Sons of 1984
1400:39:10:1000:43:22:1300:04:12:03Do Ya
1500:43:22:1300:46:47:2500:03:25:12Couldn't I Just Tell You
1600:46:47:2500:48:21:1300:01:33:63(Between Song Banter)
1700:48:21:1300:53:37:7100:05:16:58Just One Victory