Phoo Tracking Drums

Hampstead, NC

Jon Byrd & Abandon Reason — Velvet Elvis — 2017
The original tracks for this song were recorded on a Tascam 80-8, in 1992, for the aborted album, "Din of Inequity".
The tapes are terribly deteriorated, needed cooking to be played, and in general are no longer viable.
All original support tracks, keyboards and drum machine, and have been lost.
Unfortunately, there are terrible artifacts from the tape deterioration.
The scratch vocals, rhythm guitars and bass, were rescued, somewhat.
This is an attempt at redoing the drums, REAL DRUMS, anew.

phoo & the far tones — mammon — 2016
This is the original tracking of the drums for Mammon, a Todd Rundgren cover.
Guitar and bass are scratch takes, played by phoo, and replaced by Sean Carmichael in the final mix.
The performance was good, but the tracks were not usable because of techinical glitches.
The audio interfece was malfunctioning and there are consistant glitches, dropped samples throughout.
While those problems are not obvious in this video, they were very audible in the final drums mix.
Unfortunately, this resulted in these tracks being scrapped.

phoo & the far tones — mammon (remix) — 2023
Because the original drums were unusable, they had been replaced by samples in the version of mammon eventually released in 2020.
Even though the samples were created from the original drums, the result was unsatisfactory, including the overall mix and mastering.
The decision was made, at some point, to remix the song, rerecord the drums, and get the new remix mastered more properly.
The new finshed 2023 remix with the all new drums has been merged with the old tracking video.